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July 2022

Neotropicos Foundation, TALLER, and OPUS are rethinking El Garcero Nature Reserve

Since 1991, in the alluvial plain of the Magdalena River, a territory of 600 hectares, 15-minutes away from El Banco, has been preserved by the Neotropicos Foundation as a Civil Society Natural Reserve. These kinds of reserves usually are threatened in the long term due to difficulties in their social and economic sustainability. Since past January, the Foundation invited TALLER and OPUS to rethink how to solve the problems the reserve and its social, economic, and ecological systems might face ahead.

Right now, both offices and the foundation are working side-by-side analyzing how to shake the idea of conservation meaning the isolation of the reserve from the outside people and their activities. To tackle the effect of the Reserve being an island, making it economically sustainable and with a sense of belonging from the surrounding communities. TALLER and OPUS, besides their ideas, are helping to create diffusion channels so more people know about the Reserve, as well as structuring research projects within it.

You can get more information about El Garcero Natural Reserve on their newly opened Instagram account or the Neotropicos Foundation website.


July 2022

Tultitlán Fire Station is completed

Construction of the first one of our five public projects in Tultitlán, Mexico, has been finished. Located south of Tultitlán, the General Felipe Ángeles Fire Station will be the new house of the municipality firefighters in their 3.151 square meters, from which 1.883 are open areas. Additional to the typical program of a fire station, the project includes a training plaza and a sports court, that are located to allow access to the community. The relationship between the firefighters and the citizens will be improved thanks to the day-to-day use of these private areas for public activities.

In collaboration with ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and Ricardo G. Santander.


July 2022

PUJ Engineering Labs selected for the Colombian Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

The Engineering Faculty tower, designed in collaboration with Juan Pablo Ortíz, has been selected in the Architecture Project category of this year’s Biennale. The project arranges the complex program in a simple tower to free up the ground floor area for the community. In an unseen space on the campus, the new tower creates a complex with the existing Faculty of Engineering building through a covered atrium that creates a protected public space for students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to interact.

The 28th edition of the Biennale commemorates the 60th anniversary of the event. The project was selected among a total of 398 presented projects and it will be competing against other 30 projects.


May 2022

The Cultural Center and Site Museum in Pisté, Mexico, is now open

Pisté citizens and Chichén Itzá visitors can now enjoy the central square of the Pisté and its facilities. Local authorities and the community have received from the Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (SEDATU) the new exhibition spaces and the surrounding public areas. The design had to be adjusted during the construction phase due to the presence of archeological findings.

The new cultural center and the public space were designed to create a new meeting place for the community. It dialogues with the presence of the historic Chapel of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, whose restoration is part of the project. It was done with the guidance of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) from Mexico. During the construction works, the INAH also found the foundations of military facilities, dated from the XIX, and the original chapel dated from the XVII century. The findings were included in the public space design and are now part of the project.

The interventions in Pisté are part of the projects designed in the Yucatán Peninsula in collaboration with local practices DC-MX, ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and Ricardo G. Santander in 2021.


April 2022

Statement from the partners about the war in Ukraine

When we first started our company, it had always been a dream of ours to contribute design ideas well beyond our borders. In April 2011, having submitted our proposal for a waterfront park in the historic city center of Kyiv, bordering the Dnipro river, we became one of eight finalists in an international competition.

All of a sudden we found ourselves on a plane to Ukraine, perhaps more frightened than excited, and charted into a completely different territory from our own. The cultural shock of our arrival that night even made us beg the question: do we actually want to win this? Do we want to work in this city? In this country?

The following morning in Kyiv, we found a warmth and empathy in their people that immediately made us feel welcomed and valued. However different everything seemed, in the end, our common struggles, hopes and fears, brought us close to many Ukrainians who later became close friends and family.

It never ceases to amaze us how far ideas can take us, but more importantly, how we are able to find people in other parts of the world who share our values and energy for positive change. After having presented our project, the closing night of the CANactions Festival, a toast was made on our behalf, the winners of the competition.

Yes, whether we wanted to or not, we had dealt our hand already. This victory sealed our fate with this wonderful city and its beautiful people.Our trip to Kyiv marked a milestone in TALLER’s story, without it, we would not be where we are today.

As we surpass 45 days of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine, we stand in solidarity with all the people who are protesting against this war on all sides of the spectrum. It is unfathomable to witness, in the twenty-first century, violence and suffering of this magnitude.

It crushes our heart to see our colleagues, friends, and family going through this difficult moment in their lives. The entire world is now witnessing the level of humanity, bravery, and courage of the Ukrainian people, they are an inspiration to us all.

We will continue to support Ukraine in whatever way we can, we ask people not to remain silent and normalize this war. There are larger things at stake, the fate of Ukraine is fundamental to mankind and the possibility of a brighter future.

Слава Україні


April 2022

Prefeseability studies for three projects in the Metropolitan Region of Bogotá delivered

TALLER and ORU (Office of Urban Resilience) delivered the conceptual vision for the metropolitan parks of the Bogotá River, the Sabana Bike Path network, and an Ecological agro park. Through the active participation of several amounts of stakeholders - between the municipalities, consultants, the private realm, the academy, and the citizenship - the studies analyzed the territory and its natural elements for the future development of the projects, defining the objectives, strategies, and action plans for each project, as well a vision for the region as a whole.


March 2022

Shortlisted for the new house of the University College Groningen

In partnership with our colleagues of Elephant, TALLER is shortlisted for the competition for the renovation and expansion of a protected building in the Healthy Aging Campus of the University of Groningen. We were selected to propose how this building will host the University College Groningen and its innovative Liberal Arts and Sciences program.

The building currently houses laboratories from the University of Groningen, which will be relocated. The project is going to be the entrance point from the city center to the Healthy Aging Campus, with a masterplan designed by Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners. The UCG, a young school founded in 2014, will be the neighborhood of the new Education Centre by KAAN Architecten, currently under construction.

For this competition, our experience in university buildings in Colombia will meet with the local experience of our friends from Elephant, with whom we currently share our office space in Amsterdam.


February 2022

Honorable Mention in the BEP BOG 2021

The temporary installations for La Perseverancia and La Concordia Markets were awarded an Honorable Mention in the Comprehensive Management of Public Space category in the second edition of the Bogotá Public Space Biennale 2021.

The projects made in collaboration with Colab-19 and the Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos (SCA) are being showcased along with the winners and other shortlisted projects in the awards’ catalogue.


February 2022

Third Place in the Sirius Embankment Competition

Our proposal for the 7,5km Sirius Embankment, “Re-nature Sirius: One seafront, three ecosystems”, has won 3rd place in the international architecture and planning competition. The strategy proposed, in partnership with LOLA Landscape, wanted to make Sirius the Riviera of the region. The goal of our strategy was to move from a singular concrete engineered dike into a versatile, social, and nature-inclusive infrastructure. The renewed waterfront of Sirius aimed to be a lush and lively environment in which leisure, education, health, and a new economy are converging in a contemporary way.

The approach is focused on highlighting the existing assets of Sirius and using them as a framework for an attractive landscape. The main asset is the climate, and this is visually expressed through lush subtropical vegetation. Our proposal unfolded the grace of Sirius in three parts: the harbor gardens, the natural islands, and the green grid. By re-naturing the seafront, re-introducing the natural Imereti lowlands ecosystems, and creating a socially inclusive seafront, the project aimed to create a new identity for the newborn federal territory of Sirius.

The jury highlighted the proposal for the marina, mentioning that “There’s an understanding of the context. A port that’s interesting from a business point of view, opening up opportunities for investment. It has shading and protection from the rain. Green walls that protect from soil erosion, etc. There are gardens, and points of self-expression, public life, grandstands of sorts. Port is not just a place for the yachts, but a place where visitors can enjoy the environment.”. As well as the solutions for the area facing the Olympic Park site: “The small-scale venues are stationed skillfully here. There’s a good connection to the areas located behind the embankment.”.


January 2022

New Studio in Amsterdam

We are pleased to announce that our Amsterdam office has moved to a new location to match our ambitions. The central location of the Weesperstraat 103 puts us in the heart of the city, where we will be sharing the space with our friends from the architecture office Elephant. The vibrant space represents our positive culture and atmosphere and brings us together with like-minded colleagues, clients, and partners. We are looking forward to welcoming them into our new and creative environment.

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