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April 2022

Statement from the partners about the war in Ukraine

When we first started our company, it had always been a dream of ours to contribute design ideas well beyond our borders. In April 2011, having submitted our proposal for a waterfront park in the historic city center of Kyiv, bordering the Dnipro river, we became one of eight finalists in an international competition.

All of a sudden we found ourselves on a plane to Ukraine, perhaps more frightened than excited, and charted into a completely different territory from our own. The cultural shock of our arrival that night even made us beg the question: do we actually want to win this? Do we want to work in this city? In this country?

The following morning in Kyiv, we found a warmth and empathy in their people that immediately made us feel welcomed and valued. However different everything seemed, in the end, our common struggles, hopes and fears, brought us close to many Ukrainians who later became close friends and family.

It never ceases to amaze us how far ideas can take us, but more importantly, how we are able to find people in other parts of the world who share our values and energy for positive change. After having presented our project, the closing night of the CANactions Festival, a toast was made on our behalf, the winners of the competition.

Yes, whether we wanted to or not, we had dealt our hand already. This victory sealed our fate with this wonderful city and its beautiful people.Our trip to Kyiv marked a milestone in TALLER’s story, without it, we would not be where we are today.

As we surpass 45 days of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine, we stand in solidarity with all the people who are protesting against this war on all sides of the spectrum. It is unfathomable to witness, in the twenty-first century, violence and suffering of this magnitude.

It crushes our heart to see our colleagues, friends, and family going through this difficult moment in their lives. The entire world is now witnessing the level of humanity, bravery, and courage of the Ukrainian people, they are an inspiration to us all.

We will continue to support Ukraine in whatever way we can, we ask people not to remain silent and normalize this war. There are larger things at stake, the fate of Ukraine is fundamental to mankind and the possibility of a brighter future.

Слава Україні


February 2021

Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park received an estimated 345,200 visits in its opening week during the Chinese New Year Celebrations

Urban parks in Shenzhen received 7.21 million visits during the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday, according to information released by the Municipal Urban Management Authority.

The newly built Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park in Guangming District received some 345,200 visitors during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday. Construction of the next and final phase of the park includes the Lake of Champions, and is slated to begin later this year.

Shenzhen Bay Park, for which we are currently also designing its overhaul, was one of the most popular parks in the city seeing some 729,900 visits. Both projects were won as the result of competitions and designed in collaboration with LOLA Landscape and L+CC.

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