February 2021

Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park received an estimated 345,200 visits in its opening week during the Chinese New Year Celebrations

Urban parks in Shenzhen received 7.21 million visits during the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday, according to information released by the Municipal Urban Management Authority.

The newly built Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park in Guangming District received some 345,200 visitors during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday. Construction of the next and final phase of the park includes the Lake of Champions, and is slated to begin later this year.

Shenzhen Bay Park, for which we are currently also designing its overhaul, was one of the most popular parks in the city seeing some 729,900 visits. Both projects were won as the result of competitions and designed in collaboration with LOLA Landscape and L+CC.


January 2021

Architecture at the helm of economic recovery in Bogotá’s traditional markets: The case of La Concordia Amphitheater

Following the positive response from the first economic reactivation prototype built for La Perseverancia; the traditional market of La Concordia, located at the historic city center of Bogotá was also interested in being part of the design-build initiative led by the Colombian Society of Architects (SCA).

This opportunity presented a different type of challenge, the outdoor space available was not as scarce and there was also room for diverse programmatic activities. The SCA assembled a team of professionals under the direction of TALLER’s partner Julian Restrepo, who coordinated the design-build efforts after having engaged and involved the community in the process.

The end result is a scaffolding structure with three different layers: retail spaces at ground level, elevated dining platforms and a public rooftop with a dedicated staircase. The U-shaped structure also serves as an amphitheater for cultural events and gatherings. The structure towers over the city center as a symbol of economic reactivation and recovery of the market.

The architectural design was a collaboration between architects Henry Gualdrón, Alejandro Saldarriaga and German Bahamón (Colab-19). The construction was made possible thanks to a number of sponsors, donors and patrons.

View: Project in Archdaily

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