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December 2021

EDGE Advanced certification for the PUJ Engineering Labs

The Engineering Laboratories Tower for the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana received the EDGE Advanced certification. This is an award for the excellence of its sustainable architectural and engineering design, having over 40% of energy saving and a reduction of 20% in water and materials waste. This follows the EDGE certification obtained by the building in 2019.

Completed in 2020 in collaboration with architect Juan Pablo Ortíz, the 14-story tower hosts the main laboratories of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering.


November 2021

Arcam - Design Charette in Hart van Holendrecht, Amsterdam

Sven Hoogerheide, director of TALLER NL, is part of the Design Charette in Hart van Holendrecht held by Arcam in Amsterdam. He was selected teaming with architect Michael Daane Bolier (M& DB architecten) and photographer Ruben San a Jong. The Design Charette (design studio) was organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the housing corporation Eigen Haard. Throughout the week, the charette invited three teams to think and design a vision for an ecological and social resilience improvement of the Holendrecht neighborhood.


November 2021

TALLER will be designing a health center in Medellín, Colombia

'Prado Hanging Gardens' has won first prize in the El Prado Health Center private competition in Medellín, Colombia. The competition called for the design of a mixed-use building in the city center, connected to the Prado Metro Station. The project seeks to provide health services mixed with the creation of public space. The proposal sets a commercial public platform in the lower levels and the private health services in the higher part of the tower, both linked by an open gap of public space open to the city.

TALLER competed against Lab. and Cauce Arquitectura, who will collaborate in the development of the winning proposal.


November 2021

TALLER + CAUCE awarded 2nd Prize for the Architectural design and Masterplan competition of the FORUM UdeM in Medellín, Colombia

The proposal titled ‘Campus Vivo’ was awarded Second Prize in a private competition held by the University of Medellín. At the foothills of the western mountains of the Aburrá Valley, the project envisions a parallel-block building at the geographical center of the campus in the crossing of two main axes: the cultural-recreative axis and the urban-environmental axis. The project approaches nature as an ecological and creative process with a dynamic and permeable ground floor library, and a sequence of green terraces between the blocks. The natural landscape is related to three main areas: culture, education and administration..

In partnership with CAUCE arquitectura del paisaje.


November 2021

Toquica's new HQ completed

Our friends from design studio Toquica have moved their headquarters to a refurbished warehouse in an industrial area of Bogotá with a design by TALLER. The brief called for the creation of new spaces within an existing building that could bring their design activities closer to their manufacturing and production areas. The design consists of a steel frame structure inside the warehouse which is structurally independent from the existing building. The new construction features double-height spaces and multiple visual interactions all permeated by natural light.


September 2021

We are finalists in the Sirius Embankment in Russia

Team TALLER and LOLA Landscape are finalists in the competition for the Architectural and Urban Planning of the Sirius Embankment in Russia. Sirius, located in the southernmost territory of Russia on the Black Sea coast, is the first federal territory of the country. Following the urban developments for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Sirius has the Olympic Village and the F1 Russian Grand Prix track as its main features. In the coming years, the territory aims to become the country’s hotspot for innovation, technology, education, and tourism.

The team will be competing against firms such as BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Wowhaus, !melk landscape architecture & urban design, LandLAB, or L‘AUC, among others.


August 2021

Second Prize Ex-aequo for the Dapeng Public Affairs Center in Shenzhen, China

The competition called for the design of a Civic Center in the Dapeng area which seeks to integrate the multiple requirements for this new district. The requested program included the Local Chronicles Museum and its archives, a Public Security Command Center, a Traffic Police Brigade, as well as other peripheral functions including leisure and sports facilities. Our proposal, “Civic Layers”, integrates the building complex with the mountains, and mediates between the requirements of the mixed-use private areas and the public space looking forward to creating a truly civic place.

The expert juries commented that “the three groups of buildings are connected to each other to form a rich building group that is grounded and extends the topography. The layout of the buildings is excellent, which effectively protects the natural environment. The middle group of cultural and municipal buildings is perfectly integrated with the terrain, and the facade is calm and natural. The layers are rich, and the overall heights form a good city skyline, while at the same time creating a lively natural landscape.

Project designed in partnership with L+CC and CUBE.


August 2021

Honorable Mention in the EAAB-ESP Technical Labs competition

The private competition held by the Bogotá Aqueduct and Sewerage Company (EAAB-ESP) for their new Technical Laboratories was organized by the Colombian Society of Architects SCA.

The proposal dialogues with the residential context and the San Francisco River with a simple isolated abstract prism. The volume floats over a public plinth that allows public access while controlling the vehicular access to the technical facilities. The approach to the laboratories is purely technical. The structure and the layout of the labs work together to allow the requested complexity as well as flexibility for future upgrades.

The jury highlighted the “elegance of the volume and the translucent condition of the proposal”, and valued the “high degree of delicacy within the urban context”.

The proposal was designed in collaboration with Be+maarch.


August 2021

The Cultural Center and Library in Tutitlán is featured in the ‘Social Architecture in Mexico’ Exhibition

TALLER took part of the exhibition “‘Arquitectura Social, eje para la transformación del territorio” with one of the projects designed for the Urban Improvement Plan (PMU) from the SEDATU in Tultitlán, México. The Elena Poniatowska Cultural Center and Library is one of 78 selected projects to be exhibited in the ESPACIO CDMX as part of the Design Week México 2021 from August 3rd to September 3rd. The exhibition displays the social and architectural vision of the PMU to bring high-quality community public spaces and facilities to some of the deprived and remote parts of México. So far, SEDATU has developed around 700 projects in more than 100 locations around the country in the PMU.

The Elena Poniatowska Cultural Center and Library is one of five projects designed in Tultitlán in the second semester of 2020 with local practices ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and Ricardo G. Santander. The other four (4) projects in the city include the Refurbishment of the Historical Center, the Municipal Market, a Sports Unit, a Fire Station, and other two Cultural Centers. All projects are under construction and are scheduled to be finished in the first semester of 2022.

Exhibition teaser: Arquitectura Social, eje para la transformación del territorio


August 2021

La Concordia Amphitheater Longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2021

The temporary scaffolding structure was selected for the Installation Design category. The project was developed by the end of 2020, after the success and media coverage of the first structure built in La Perseverancia Market, a few months earlier. Both projects were developed in collaboration with the Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos (SCA) and Colab-19.


July 2021

“Nourishing City” wins 2nd Prize for the Xili Reservoir competition in Shenzhen, China

Five rivers, two tributaries, and three historic villages (Makan, Dakan, and Baimang) were the subject of the proposal. The competition called for the “enhancement of the riverways, buildings, culture, and industry around Xili Reservoir. It aims to develop the riverways and areas around the reservoir into iconic public spaces, so as to accommodate the public and cultural life of consumers and residents in these areas, and provide spaces for public facilities, landscape ecology, and urban events and activities, etc.”.

Our proposal called for the renourishment of the territory from a range of four complementary approaches: Water-eco nourishing, Industry-economy nourishing, Health-life nourishing, and Culture-education nourishing. Each one establishes a set of strategies individually applied to each one of the villages depending on the newly proposed concept for each one, using the blueways as the development framework.

The competition was developed in partnership with LOLA Landscape, L+CC, and One architecture.


July 2021

New HQ in Bogotá

TALLER has moved its HQ in Bogotá to a new space a few blocks away from the former office. In line with the strategic planning goals for the coming years, the new HQ occupies the fourth floor of a recently completed 6-story building. Designed in-house, the new office offers spaces full of natural light and a more comfortable open-plan workspace to meet the physical distance measures required by sanitary regulation.

The new HQ includes three individual meeting rooms for day-to-day activities and one for bigger meetings, a model-making workshop, and room for plants. The new office spans 357 square meters, with facades facing both north-west and south-west views.

The new office is more than double the area of the former office and has the capacity to increase the number of employees in the following years.


June 2021

Vertical Activation receives two Merit Awards in the Azure Awards AZ2021

In the 11th edition of the Azure Magazine AZ Awards the temporary installations for La Perseverancia and La Concordia Markets were selected among 1,209 entries from 57 countries as the only Colombian representatives in the final selection. The recognitions were awarded for the Temporary and Experiential Installations, and the Social Good categories.

The projects made in collaboration with Colab-19 and the Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos (SCA) are being showcased along with the winners and other shortlisted projects in the awards’ website.


June 2021

Four new public projects break ground in the Yucatán Peninsula, México

Following the first group of projects designed in Tultitlán, four new projects break ground for the PMU Ruta Maya in the cities of Cancún, Puerto Morelos, and Tinum. These new projects are part of the investment made in the cities and towns connected by the future Mayan Train, a megaproject from the Mexican Government for the Peninsula. The Cancun City Theater and “Los Gemelos” Sports Park, a Museum and Cultural Center in Puerto Morelos, and a Site-Museum near the Chichén Itzá archeological site in Tinum, were designed in partnership with the mexican architect Julián Arroyo (DC-MX). Together they provide a total of 12,822 square meters of public space, and 6,620 square meters of built area in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Designed in partnership with DC-MX, ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and Ricardo G. Santander; construction for all projects is expected to finish late 2022.


June 2021

Hongqiao FSP Shortlisted for the Landezine International Landscape Awards - LILA 2021

A new recognition was given to the Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park, as it was shortlisted for the 2021 LILA - Landezine International Landscape Award, in the category of Public Projects. The project will undergo the review of the Jury alongside other 239 built projects.

Project in colaboration with LOLA Landscape and L+CC.


May 2021

Hongqiao FSP receives a Merit Award in the World Landscape Architecture Awards - WLA 2021

The Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park continues to receive international recognition. The first phase of the project, completed in 2020 and developed in partnership with LOLA Landscape and L+CC after a 2018 competition, was awarded the WLA 2021 Merit Award in the Built - Urban category. The World Landscape Architecture Awards received over 400 projects for this year’s edition, between the Professional and Student categories. The jury highlighted that the selected projects “addressed the site and issues with sensitivity”.

The second phase of the project, encompassing the surrounding landscape, sport areas and buildings around the Bihu lake, dubbed the “Lake of Champions”, is set to begin construction in the second semester of 2021.


May 2021

New Associates - Yeimy Martínez and Juan Camilo Salazar

TALLER founders Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero are pleased to announce the appointment of two new associates in the leadership team in order to accommodate the need for specific expertise, and to ensure continuous creative quality within the practice in Bogotá and Amsterdam.

The new associates are Yeimy Martinez and Juan Camilo Salazar.

Financial administrator Yeimy Martínez (Viotá, Colombia, 1989) is professional in Business Administration and a Finance specialist. Before joining TALLER Architects she lived in Sydney, Australia. She has extensive experience in the areas of financial planning, strategic management and organizational control in public and private companies. Since March 2018, she has been working for TALLER Architects as Administrative and Financial Director. During this time, she has contributed to the sustainable growth of the organization and the international expansion of TALLER to China and the creation of the company in The Netherlands.

Architect and Designer Juan Camilo Salazar (Bogotá, Colombia, 1992) studied Architecture at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, where he also majored in Design and minored in Management. He’s been a full time collaborator of TALLER since 2018, leading several projects and awarded competitions in Colombia as well as in Mexico, China, and Russia in collaboration with local partners. In the last year, he led the development of ten (10) public projects in Mexico as part of SEDATU’s (Governmental Secretariat of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development) Urban Improvement Program (PMU), working in partnership with local offices ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and DC-MX. He also has interests in Strategic Design, Artistic and Creative Direction; having been part of the IV International Scenography Workshop with RCR Arquitectes in Olot, Spain.

Yeimy Martínez and Juan Camilo Salazar will join Manuela Mosquera in the Associates roster alongside dutch director Sven Hoogerheide, and founding partners Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero as part of TALLER leadership.


March 2021

TALLER selected to think about the future Bogotá Metropolitan Region by the IADB

TALLER and ORU (Office of Urban Resilience) were selected by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to develop a consultancy for the prefeseability studies of three key projects for Bogotá Metropolitan Region: an ecological agro park, a metropolitan park, and the bike path network for the Sabana. These are prioritized in the Strategic Plan for Intermunicipal Development of Chía, Cajicá, and Zipaquirá to 2051. So besides the three municipalities, the stakeholders include the local foundation Probogotá and Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.


March 2021

Finalists in the Qionglai Mountain Water Tower City Conceptual Planning and Design Competition

Our proposal for the conceptual Planning and Design of Huilan Tower titled “One Island, Two Banks” made it to the final stage. The Sichuan Province in Southwest China is located in the transitional zone between urban and rural areas in Qionglai city, with rich natural, ecological, historical, and cultural resources.

The location and development policy pose new challenges for the future growth of the region. How can we attract talent in traditional agriculture and rural industries in order to complete the industrial transformation? How can we strengthen local cultural identity to form artistic and creative agency? How can we avoid falling prey to the same tourism developments in order to form unique local advantages?

‘City’ and ‘Nature’ have always been intertwined. We have long thought they are separate entities, but we now know they need to coexist and thrive together. Our vision for this project reflects how we can systematically link these two realities.

Collaboration with LOLA Landscape and L+CC.


February 2021

Five public projects break ground simultaneously in Tultitlán, México

As part of an ambitious Urban Improvement Program (PMU) spearheaded by SEDATU (Governmental Secretariat of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development) the initiative consists of a series of strategically located interventions in different parts of the city of Tutlitlán, north of México City. The central government’s main focus is to build high-quality social and public infrastructure within deprived communities around the country.

The upgrade of the Historical Center, a new Municipal Market, a Fire Station and two (2) Cultural Centers are set to start construction as demolitions began this month. The five projects were designed as a family of public buildings, inspired by the industrial constructions seen throughout the city. From the distinct shape of industrial roofs, to materiality and structural solutions, the projects subvert the idea of industrial constructions in the service of economic growth and instead become cultural buildings surrounded by a generous public space that seeks to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Designed in partnership with ORU, Departamento del Distrito, and Ricardo G. Santander; construction is expected to finish mid 2022.


February 2021

Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park received an estimated 345,200 visits in its opening week during the Chinese New Year Celebrations

Urban parks in Shenzhen received 7.21 million visits during the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday, according to information released by the Municipal Urban Management Authority.

The newly built Hongqiao Forest and Sports Park in Guangming District received some 345,200 visitors during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday. Construction of the next and final phase of the park includes the Lake of Champions, and is slated to begin later this year.

Shenzhen Bay Park, for which we are currently also designing its overhaul, was one of the most popular parks in the city seeing some 729,900 visits. Both projects were won as the result of competitions and designed in collaboration with LOLA Landscape and L+CC.


January 2021

Architecture at the helm of economic recovery in Bogotá’s traditional markets: The case of La Concordia Amphitheater

Following the positive response from the first economic reactivation prototype built for La Perseverancia; the traditional market of La Concordia, located at the historic city center of Bogotá was also interested in being part of the design-build initiative led by the Colombian Society of Architects (SCA).

This opportunity presented a different type of challenge, the outdoor space available was not as scarce and there was also room for diverse programmatic activities. The SCA assembled a team of professionals under the direction of TALLER’s partner Julian Restrepo, who coordinated the design-build efforts after having engaged and involved the community in the process.

The end result is a scaffolding structure with three different layers: retail spaces at ground level, elevated dining platforms and a public rooftop with a dedicated staircase. The U-shaped structure also serves as an amphitheater for cultural events and gatherings. The structure towers over the city center as a symbol of economic reactivation and recovery of the market.

The architectural design was a collaboration between architects Henry Gualdrón, Alejandro Saldarriaga and German Bahamón (Colab-19). The construction was made possible thanks to a number of sponsors, donors and patrons.

View: Project in Archdaily

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