December 2017

Topping out of Universidad Central

The construction has reached a significant milestone with the topping out of the second 12-storey concrete tower and the central steel structure. The project, won as the result of a competition held in 2013, was designed in collaboration with TAB - Daniel Bonilla and is due to be completed early 2019. The building will become a major leap in educational infrastructure (25,000m2) for the Universidad Central in downtown Bogotá.


December 2017

Honourable Mention for the El Camino Care Home in Bogotá

The current City Administration has its mind set on making vulnerable citizens visible and active members of our society. This care home literally wishes to give them a home, a place more reminiscent with memories of their life rather than standardized contemporary living quarters. Three patio homes are located at the top, with communal and collective spaces below. 

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August 2017

Honourable Mention for the El Tunal - Sports and Cultural Center in Bogotá

The 285 meter long building on the west end of El Tunal Metropolitan Park becomes the threshold to enter the park and houses the different sports, recreational and cultural activities in a simple and straightforward linear scheme.  

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August 2017

Honourable Mention for the Fontanar del Río - Sports and Cultural Center in Bogotá

Three separate inclined green roofs create an artificial topography within the park limits. The central courtyard allows for direct sunlight to enter the diverse programmatic activities located underground. 

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July 2017

The Engineering Labs Building for Javeriana finishes excavation and foundation works

After a year of excavations, the construction site has reached its maximum depth. The building now begins to rise from its foundations.


March 2017

Honourable Mention for the Bandirma Park Competition in Turkey

Team - TALLER, Lola Landscape and L+CC - were awarded a 3rd Honourable Mention among 125 participants from around the world. The proposal entitled “The Long View” envisioned a main strip at the heart of the park complemented by a productive landscape loop that engages with the existing barracks and with a sequence of buildings connected to the ridges and sloped terrain of the site.

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March 2017

Lecture at MIT

Founding Partner Julian Restrepo will be giving the first lecture of the "DesignX" Entrepreneurs-in-Design Lecture Series. He will be showcasing the current work being developed alongside City Officials and the Mayor of Bogotá in rethinking some of the city’s main ecological structure at an attempt to change the way we relate-to and interact-with the natural environment.



September 2016

Gandour Consultores was awarded an Honourable Mention in the XXV Colombian Architecture Biennale

The work received recognition for the Interior Architecture and Ephemeral Architecture Category.

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June 2016

Box Office awarded Second Place in the Obras Cemex Prize Colombia 2016

The prize is a recognition to projects that stand out for their excellence in design and construction in concrete.

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June 2016

Engineering Labs Building for Pontificia Universidad Javeriana breaks ground

After a speedy demolition of the existing laboratories shed, excavation has commenced at full speed. The building is expected to open in 2019.


June 2016

Gandour Consultores Office nominated for two National Design Awards

The office space designed with a single 59 meter long wall was nominated for the XXV Bienal Colombiana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo and the XIX Premio Lápiz de Acero 2016.

May 2016

(Re)Shaping Colombia

To know more about the initiative click here


April 2016

Prize in the competition for the New Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark

TALLER's project envisioned an architecture school for the design/build generation through the use of mobile rooms and a 130 meter long greenhouse in what resembles more an industrial building, than a traditional architecture school.

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May 2015

Lecture at ARCAM Architecture Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TALLER Architects founders, Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero will be giving their second European lecture in Amsterdam, as part of the 'visiting from...' lecture series.


May 2015

TALLER and the "Colombia" country brand sign an alliance to promote Colombian architecture around the world

The aim of this partnership is to promote the country as a relevant thinker and developer of architecture, urban planning and construction issues. This is the first alliance with an architecture design office and a milestone for many creative industries to come.

Press Release



November 2014

TALLER at the New Generations Festival in Florence, Italy

This year’s edition will be held at the Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella and will host TALLER as guest lecturer of the Soapbox Lecture Series and as participant in the Survival Style discussion panel. This will be the first participation and talk by a Latin American practice in the festival. We encourage young practices throughout the world to become part of this global platform whose main goal is to re-think the boundaries of our profession.

November 2014

TALLER has been awarded 1st prize in the New Generations open call!

In the framework of the 2nd edition of the New Generations Festival, which will take place in Florence, Italy from November 26 -30, as winners of the open call TALLER has been invited to be part of the New Generations Platform which will bring together over 60 young architectural firms from around the world to discuss their ideas on the subject of Futurology.

New Generations is a Cultural Association, that brings together architects, designers, makers and creatives in an open platform whose main goal is fostering collaboration and networking. The platform is a tool for raising awareness among students and young studios about the changes that the profession is currently undergoing.


October 2014

Shortlisted for the Mitino Park Competition in Moscow!

TALLER as part of a team led by local architects A-Zone alongside L+CC and LOLA Landscape Architects have been shortlisted once again for a major landscape competition in the Russian capital. This time it is about the development of a conceptual framework for the recuperation of one of Moscow’s biggest nature and archaeological reserve: the Mitino Park. The challenge consists in transforming and preserving the 126 hectare park which includes natural water springs, forest reserves, religious monuments and archeological sites that date back to the eleventh century.


September 2014

"Evolutionary Heritage" wins 3rd prize in the International Competition for the Sokolniki Park in Moscow!

The project presented by TALLER (CO), LOLA Landscape Architects (NL),  L+CC (NL) and a-Zone (RU) has been awarded third prize and as competition winners will be involved in the future development of the park.

Download press release here:  English | Español


July 2014

Shortlisted for the Sokolniki Park Competition in Moscow!

TALLER as part of a team led by LOLA Landscape Architects alongside L+CC and local architects A-Zone have been selected for the second stage for the development of a conceptual framework for Moscow's largest urban park.


May 2014

TALLER and Juan Pablo Ortiz win competition for the Engineering Labs Building at the Javeriana University in Bogotá!

The project envisions an atrium which acts as a cohesive element between the existing faculty building and the new lab tower. This covered space connects the pedestrian structure of the campus at different levels and will become the gathering space for faculty members and students. The new 8,500 m2 laboratories building will feature state of the art technology for both research and teaching. Construction is expected to begin early 2015.


February 2014

TALLER + Juan Pablo Ortiz + Mauricio Uribe + Geografía Urbana win the national competition for the Government Ministries Project in the historic city center of Bogotá!

The project is part of an ambitious plan led by the Empresa Virgilio Barco, a company created by the National Government to take on high-quality urban developments with public interests nationwide. The 142,000 m2 proposal includes the revitalization of 6 different blocks in the heart of the city and envisions a delicate balance between heritage and new through different renovation and conservation strategies.

The jury unanimously declared: "This proposal understands and values the context in which it is inserted and is consistent with the argument exposed: the sense of place dictates the nature and content of the proposal. The end result is a project with a high quality composition which integrates respectfully and functionally new elements with the existing urban fabric and architectural heritage."  

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December 2013

TALLER + TAB win a private competition for the Masterplan Design and 1st Stage Development of the Universidad Central!

TALLER and TAB/Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá will be responsible for the physical planning and development of the Universidad Central's Downtown Campus for the following 25 years. The Masterplan shall become part of the important transformation and densification process that downtown Bogotá is undergoing, and faces the challenge of creating a high quality urban campus. The first stage is expected to be completed in 2015 and consists of a 25,000 m2 building which includes classrooms, administrative offices and a commercial platform.


July 2013

New Office!

We've just finished settling down in our new office space. It's bigger, brighter and TALLER.



December 2012

Urban Renovation Masterplan for Villeta - Cundinamarca

TALLER alongside the Office for Municipal Planning have uncovered a series of hidden opportunities around the city and structured its development under a single vision: making Villeta a more pedestrian-friendly and touristic destination.


November 2012

Zambrano-Clavijo House Breaks Ground!


October 2012

TALLER Lectures at Harvard's Graduate School of Design!

Partners Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero will be giving two lectures in Harvard GSD: "The Bering Strait Project" presentation for Luis Callejas' Plugged-in Territories course on Monday October 22, and "On starting your own practice" lecture moderated by Paul Nakazawa and organized by LatinGSD on Tuesday October 23rd. All are welcome!


August 2012

TALLER’s concept design for the Kreschatyk Park renovation in Kyiv unveiled!

The Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Kyiv commissioned TALLER a schematic proposal for the renovation of Kreschatyk Park: a territory of approximately 18 hectares on the Dnieper Hills. The renovation will be the first step towards the transformation of the Dnieper Hills territory, after having selected TALLER’s proposal “Reclaiming the Shore” as the winning entry for the International Competition organized in 2011. On Friday, August 31, the project was unveiled to the public by Sergey Tselovalnik, Main Architect of Kyiv, in a press briefing that included the presence of Mr. Olexandre Popov, the Head of Kyiv City State Administration.   

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May 2012

The Bering Strait Project Featured in the d3 Natural Systems exhibition at Gallery MC in Manhattan!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the 'd3 Natural Systems>Origins' exhibition at Gallery MC in Manhattan. Sponsored by New York-based d3, the annual d3 Natural Systems international architectural design competition promotes investigation of ecological flows as a platform for architectonic innovation. Curated by Gregory Marinic.

The exhibition will run from May 9th through June 1st, Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm.


April 2012

CANactions Festival 2012 - Kyiv, Ukraine

Partners Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero made part of this year's spring festival. They were guest tutors in the International Workshop: Kontraktova Square - Scenarios for Development, participated in an Internacional Conference which discussed the future development of the "Dnieper Pearls", and were main lecturers for the festival.    

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March 2012

Official Visit Kyiv - Ukraine │ Enrique Peñalosa + TALLER

Partners Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero, alongside Enrique Peñalosa, visited Kyiv with hopes of helping improve the quality of urban life. A series of lectures, excursions and meetings with city officials were part of the agenda.


January 2012

TALLER was awarded 2nd Prize in the International Urban Planning Competition for the Concept of Preservation and Development of the Dnieper Islands in Kiev, Ukraine!

Also know as de "Dnieper Pearls", these islands are at the center of controversy. What to do with them? Preserve? Develop? How to develop? Turn them into a theme park? The competition sought out concepts for the future development of the islands. Our proposal consisted of three main strategies: Declare the territory a National Park, occupy the existing infrastructure that affects the islands, and develop a tiny portion of Venetsiansky Island to help pump resources to the rest of the territory.

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December 2011

TALLER + Juan Pablo Ortiz Arquitectos received 2nd Prize in the National Architecture Competition for a Mixed-Use Public Building in Usme!

Metrovivienda, as head of the District Goverment, together with the Secretaries of Education, Social Integration and Culture, are promoting a project without precedents that will allow the full integration of educational, social, cultural, recreational and sports facilities contemplated in the urban development for the Social Housing Project of "Tres Quebradas" in Usme.

The jury states: " The project is logically conceived, with great technical consistency, and a permeable urban structure which allows it to respond appropriately to the brief requirements that refer to the articulation of the surrounding city, making the project a reference for the adjacent neighborhoods."   

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November 2011

TALLER's proposal was shortlisted for a Merit Award in the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre in Turkey!

ThyssenKrupp Elevator and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality hosted a competition in which TALLER made the top ten, as the sole representative of the American continent among a total of 287 projects projects from 59 countries. The center was to be equipped with audiovisual educational appliances and simulation systems to recreate the experiences of earthquakes, hurricanes, firefighting, smoke, inundations, first aid and emergency communications; as well as a planetarium, a library, information boards and seminar, and meeting halls that will serve to inform visitors.

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October 2011

TALLER + Studio Area 4 reached the 2nd Place in the National Architecture Competition for the Arts and Crafts Park in Bello!

The abandoned industrial workshops, that were once used for the maintenance and repair of locomotives and railway cars by National Railways of Colombia, are in desperate need of reform and reuse. A new Arts and Crafts Park will help recycle the existing infrastructure and open this magnificent heritage to the public. The proposal wanted to preserve the industrial atmosphere of the former workshops while enabling new cultural activities: a place where industry and culture are difficult to tell apart.

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July 2011

TALLER + Juan Pablo Ortiz Arquitectos received 2nd Prize in the National Architecture Competition for the Usme Town Hall!

The district of Usme, on the south of Bogotá, held a competition for the design of their new Town Hall as part of a recent policy that gives autonomy to the local authorities of the city. The proposal which received second prize envisions the continuation of the existing plaza creating an urban balcony which overlooks the rural landscape across the Tunjuelo river while creating a sequence of diverse public spaces.

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July 2011

TALLER in Lima!

Julian Restrepo and Pablo Forero will be part of the 1st International Workshop by Posiciones de Emergencia Lima: (Re)presentation of Architectural Projects at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú from June 14 - 18.


May 2011

TALLER wins International Architecture Competition │ Urban Landscaping in Kyiv for the Euro 2012!

After presenting the project before the jury members in Kyiv / Ukraine, TALLER was awarded First Prize in the International Architecture Competition URBAN LANDSCAPING IN KYIV FOR EURO-2012. The project entitled Reclaiming the Shore consists of 413 hectares between the Dnieper River and the City Center, and envisions a series of interventions to be developed for the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship 2012 hosted in Kyiv, as well as a long term vision for the city.

The jury report states: "With only few interventions Reclaiming the Shore has the potential to strengthen the identity and enhance the recreational qualities of a unique urban landscape in Kiev."

Download press release here: English │Español
Download high-res images here: Press images


April 2011

TALLER in Kyiv!

The project submitted by TALLER to the International Architecture Competition URBAN LANDSCAPING IN KYIV FOR EURO-2012 was selected as one of the 8 best design proposals. Partners Pablo Forero and Julian Restrepo will be presenting their project to the jury members in front of a public audience on April 29 in Kiev, Ukraine. They have also been invited as guest lecturers to the CANactions - International Youth Architectural Festival 2011 and will present their recent work on April 30th.

Download newsletter here: English │ Español



October 2010

TALLER at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

The project for "A House in Luanda: Patio and Pavilion" presented by TALLER received the Honourable Mention among 588 participants from all over the world. The exhibition featuring this project will run from October 16 until January 16, 2011 and will later become part of the Luanda Triennale in Angola.


September 2010

Official Farewell for the 1:20 Scale Model

Presentation and exhibition of the models from the finalist project for the International Architecture Competition A House in Luanda.


June 2010

Exhibition EPK 2012 in the Umetnostna Galerija Maribor │UGM

TALLER's third prize winning proposal Embankment of the Drava River will be featured in the exhibition: European Capital of Culture - Drava River 2012 at the Maribor Art Gallery in Slovenia from June 3 until August 29.


May 2010


588 proposals │ 5 continents │ 44 countries │ only 30 finalists!
TALLER's proposal has been chosen as finalist in the International Architecture Competition for a House in Luanda. The project will be featured in the upcoming Lisbon Architecture Triennale and compete against 29 other proposals!


March 2010

3rd Prize in the International Architecture Competition EPK 2012 │ Embankment of the Drava River

The city of Maribor will be the European Capital of Culture in 2012 (“Evropska Prestolnica Kulture”, or EPK). In the context of preparations for the year 2012 the Municipality of Maribor has prepared a scenario for the spatial development of the European Capital of Culture of 2012. Both sides of the embankment of the Drava river located in front of the historic city center are to be renewed along with squares, promenades, green spaces and piers.

The jury points out: "The project develops a very clear and tangible vision for the embankments of the Drava. While turning the southern embankment into an oblique park through partial reforestation, the project proposes to turn the northern embankment into a long linear leisure landscape. The virtue of this operation is that Maribor receives a strong and recognizable new identity on its waterfront. The urban beach generates a distinctive character and atmosphere that not only affects the waterfront itself, but would also likely transform the urban hinterland. By introducing a reconstructed version of the old city wall, the project separates the lower level of the beach and the higher level of the street and pedestrian area behind it. [...] the project represents one of the more memorable contributions to the competition."



December 2009

Contemplating the Void Exhibition

Giancarlo Mazzanti + TALLER + Catalina Ortiz
For the building’s 50th anniversary, the Guggenheim Museum in invited nearly two hundred artists, architects, and designers to imagine their dream interventions in the space for the exhibition Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum. Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti was invited to submit his idea for the Guggenheim's rotunda. He teamed up with TALLER and Catalina Ortiz and presented the intervention entitled "Feeling the Absense of the Void."


December 2009

The Bering Strait Project: Diomede Archipelago to be part of the Emerging Colombian Architecture Exhibition

A57/Arquitectura en Colombia and PEI (Programa de Estudios Internacional) from the Javeriana University have curated the Emerging Colombian Architecture Exhibition to be hosted by different countries. The first venue will be the Architecture Museum MARQ in Buenos Aires starting December 18, followed by countries like Mexico, Brasil and Colombia.

The curators point out: "By emerging architecture we understand projects that attend the transversal, the bordering, that seek and inquire. Projects with a clear experimental and innovative character. We are interested in new approaches, uninhibited, fresh and fun when it comes to facing the diverse challenges architects address nowadays. We seek non-conventional, open, unexpected, unstable, uncertain, contingent and undetermined projects."


November 2009

2nd Prize National Competition for the Colombian Soccer Team Housing

In 2011 Colombia will host the Sub 20 Fifa World Cup. For this significant event, a large fragment of the Simon Bolivar park was to be transformed into the home of the national team. The project presented a paradoxical premise: private housing within the confines of a public park.


June 2009

1st Prize for the Bering Strait Project - International Ideas Competition

The Foundation for Peace and Unification in South Korea promoted the international ideas competition for the connection and communication of the Bering Strait. A project 85 kilometers long in the most adverse climate and weather. A unique scenario with political, geographical and temporal ruptures.

The jury report states: "... a subtle project that powerfully conveys the importance of enviromental responsibility [...] The jury applauded this scheme for it's ecologically sensitive design approach: blurring the boundaries between the natural and man-made, this scheme extends the profile of the two continents with a "bridge" of islands fabricated by human hands."


February 2009

TALLER + TAB win 2nd Prize for the Park-Library 12 de Octubre in Medellín

The succesfull park-library program for low-income neighborhoods developed by the former administration in Medellín will be given continuity by it's new mayor.  The project was to be designed around an existing soccer field within the limits of a sloped topography. The reading rooms are enclosed within a monolithic slab while the rest of the program adapts itself to the topography through a platforms.



October 2008

3rd Prize National Competition for the Ministry of Finance's Archives and the Restoration of the St. Bárbara Houses

Team TALLER + Manuela Mosquera + Sebastian Serna Hosie + German Ayarza win third prize for the project for the expansion of the archives for the Ministry of Finance,  located in the city center of Bogotá, included the restoration of 4 old colonial houses now in ruins. The quiet project retraces the outline of the city and recuperates the houses seeking to resonate and reconstitute different spatial and material qualities found in the old city center in Bogotá.


July 2008

2nd Prize Adaptable Architecture Gallery  International Competition

Arquitectum and the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London organized an international ideas competition in which the challenge involved the design of a mobile architecture gallery built to contain and distribute - both metaphorically and literally - ideas for the city as a whole. This installation would travel along River Thames, connecting in this way a number of artistic spaces, and picking up visitors along the riverbank in London. TALLER's proposal presented the idea of a floating island covered with abundant vegetation species. What could be more "adaptable" than nature?

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