December 2017

Topping out of Universidad Central

The construction has reached a significant milestone with the topping out of the second 12-storey concrete tower and the central steel structure. The project, won as the result of a competition held in 2013, was designed in collaboration with TAB - Daniel Bonilla and is due to be completed early 2019. The building will become a major leap in educational infrastructure (25,000m2) for the Universidad Central in downtown Bogotá.


December 2017

Honourable Mention for the El Camino Care Home in Bogotá

The current City Administration has its mind set on making vulnerable citizens visible and active members of our society. This care home literally wishes to give them a home, a place more reminiscent with memories of their life rather than standardized contemporary living quarters. Three patio homes are located at the top, with communal and collective spaces below. 

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August 2017

Honourable Mention for the El Tunal - Sports and Cultural Center in Bogotá

The 285 meter long building on the west end of El Tunal Metropolitan Park becomes the threshold to enter the park and houses the different sports, recreational and cultural activities in a simple and straightforward linear scheme.  

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August 2017

Honourable Mention for the Fontanar del Río - Sports and Cultural Center in Bogotá

Three separate inclined green roofs create an artificial topography within the park limits. The central courtyard allows for direct sunlight to enter the diverse programmatic activities located underground. 

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July 2017

The Engineering Labs Building for Javeriana finishes excavation and foundation works

After a year of excavations, the construction site has reached its maximum depth. The building now begins to rise from its foundations.


March 2017

Honourable Mention for the Bandirma Park Competition in Turkey

Team - TALLER, Lola Landscape and L+CC - were awarded a 3rd Honourable Mention among 125 participants from around the world. The proposal entitled “The Long View” envisioned a main strip at the heart of the park complemented by a productive landscape loop that engages with the existing barracks and with a sequence of buildings connected to the ridges and sloped terrain of the site.

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March 2017

Lecture at MIT

Founding Partner Julian Restrepo will be giving the first lecture of the "DesignX" Entrepreneurs-in-Design Lecture Series. He will be showcasing the current work being developed alongside City Officials and the Mayor of Bogotá in rethinking some of the city’s main ecological structure at an attempt to change the way we relate-to and interact-with the natural environment.

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