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December 2019

M3 Residential Tower apartments now on sale

The M3 Tower will accommodate approximately 290 new residents within a slim residential tower sitting over a commercial and parking podium. This new 25-story building is situated at a prime location in the city of Bogotá neighboring the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park and easily accessible via Transmilenio.

This is the first major residential project designed by TALLER Architects with a total construction area of 35,400 m2 which include a 2,500 m2 commercial ground floor and 2,600 m2 of amenities in the top floors. Construction is slated to be complete by 2023.

If you are interested in owning an apartment please visit www.manzanatres.com


December 2019

TALLER will be part of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong 2019 Bi-City Biennale

The main theme of the UABB | Urbanism and Architecture Bi-City Biennale will reflect on Technology and Urban Life. The city of Shenzhen will feature an installation titled “Landscapes of Data”, based on an agriculture+technology project developed in Ningde alongside L+CC.

Simultaneously, the city Hong Kong will feature an installation titled “String Theory” a study on behaviour and anthropometry, made in collaboration with L+CC and LOLA.


November 2019

“One Park, Two Identities” has been announced as winner of the Lychee Park competition in Shenzhen, China

Located in the Futian district, Lychee Park is a symbol of the declaration of Shenzhen as a Special Economic Zone back in 1980. It covers an area of 30 hectares and features a Lake and a Lychee Forest. The explosive densification surrounding the park has turned it into an epicenter of thriving public life. The proposal enhances and upgrades the existing infrastructure through a series of strategies that strive to create a cohesive structure and a clear spatial organization. The renovation of the park balances the duality between a contemporary intervention without forgetting to acknowledge the past. Collaboration with LOLA, L+CC, and El Taller de Arquitectos


October 2019

Guangming Town Forest and Sports Park - Work is progressing on site

Construction work on the 600 hectare park in Shenzhen, is now well underway. The Red Path, a 4.2km long elevated walkway crossing the entire site is nearing completion. The ground modeling and earthworks for the Entrance Square and the Bihu Loop are being carried out at great speed. The park is expected to open later this year. Collaboration with LOLA and L+CC


September 2019

Team TALLER, LOLA, and L+CC awarded 2nd Prize for the Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Area competition in Guangzhou, China

The Baishuizhai Waterfall is China’s tallest waterfall, with a 430 meter water drop. The project envisions different strategies of upward mobility in order to stimulate tourism and active leisure, helping it become a main tourist attraction of the Guangzhou region. Given the artificial nature of the waterfall, the water cycle becomes an integral part of the design by harnessing the power of falling water, in and around key components of the project.


August 2019

Vertical Campus | Universidad Central officially inaugurated

The Minister of National Education Maria Victoria Angulo attended the official opening ceremony of the Vertical Campus on August 22 which opened to the public the following day. Dean Rafael Santos in his speech said the new building will help improve the quality of life in downtown Bogotá with it’s wide sidewalks, porticos, loggia, entrance plaza and the commercial activities in the ground floor. 

The completion of the 26,500m2 building marks the beginning of an ambitious urban renovation of three city blocks which will strive to consolidate the institution's presence within the city center. 

The project was made in collaboration with TAB - Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá after having received the first prize in a private competition in late 2013. 

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August 2019

The Santa Fé City Hall receives planning permission

Following public consultation and standard regulatory procedures, the new City Hall in the Santa Fe district in Bogotá, has received planning permission. The building will serve as the cornerstone of the urban renewal of a forgotten block in the city center of Bogotá. The design creates an inner public realm, a sequence of collective spaces with diverse qualities which respond to civic and public functions required by the local government and community. Construction is expected to begin early 2021.


August 2019

"New Era - New Centre - New Biotope" has been announced as winner of the Qianhai Public Space competition in Shenzhen, China

The proposal seeks to foster a new urban biotope for nature and culture on this newly-formed land reclamation. In this soon-to-be dense centre, the new landscape design should go beyond greenness, it should be an integration of culture and biodiversity, fostering linkage between people, nature, and city.

Team leader LOLA, TALLER, Land+Civilization Compositions, alongside local partners Lay-Out and SZAD have begun work on the initial commission which consists of 13 contiguous blocks (± 36,000m2) linked by public space crossings and bridges that articulate different forms of transportation both below and above ground.


May 2019

“Smart Boulevard and Sea Sanctuary” wins 2nd Prize Ex-aequo for the Dameisha Seaside Park competition in Shenzhen, China

The proposal for the Dameisha Waterfront envisions natural and artificial structures of coastal resilience for both land and sea. On the ground, a boulevard articulates the urban tissue through a sequence of plazas that act as threshold entrances towards the beach and double as flood barriers. In the sea, underwater islands created by sunken shipwrecks serve as wave breakers and artificial reefs that enhance marine life. Collaboration with LOLA and L+CC


May 2019

TALLER + Maria Elvira Madriñán awarded 2nd Prize for the Architectural Masterplan design of the Comfacauca Headquarters in Popayán

The Family Compensation Fund of Cauca, Comfacauca, organized a private competition for the design of the Architectural Master Plan of its new headquarters in Popayán. The new headquarters are to be developed in stages and contemplate a hybrid program, ranging from service areas for members, to administrative, educational, recreational and commercial areas.

The jury states: “"The layout is arranged around the diagonal relationship of the courtyard and the park, the courtyard recalls the proportions of the extraordinary cloister-courtyard of the University of Cauca. The austerity of the facades and the simplicity of the volumetric proposal reaffirm the image of Comfacauca as a solid institution.” 

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April 2019

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Guangming Town Forest and Sports Park

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Guangming Town Forest and Sports Park took place in Shenzhen, China. The project, designed by LOLA Landscape, TALLER Architects and L+CC, comprises a 600 hectare park which consists of one axis -The Red Path- and 3 main areas: the Entrance Square, the Bihu Loop and the Forest Reserve. The completion of the park is scheduled for May 2020. The overall project originates from an international competition won in 2018.


February 2019

The Javeriana Engineering Labs Building's got EDGE

The EDGE "Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies" Certificate was awarded for its efficient use of energy (34% less consumption), water (44% less consumption), and 40% less energy consumption in construction materials when measured up against local standards.

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